31 03 2008

Sunnytropical is an upcoming beta game. is the link to it. There is a chat there. is the link to sign up. Just comment on the Beta-Tester Sign ups to sign up.



2 02 2008

A CProx © and Post

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Heyah penguins. Please check out my site. Click above for my site. Bye

My New Forum(CPROX)

30 01 2008

Heyah penguins! I have a new forum(Click here to go to it)! I joined it with Dirkd, and we are trying to make it one of the bests ever! Now everyone, please join. We will be having a lot of games, cool penguin giveaways, and much, much more! So click here and join now!

Please get a lot of people to join, please post a lot, and do your best to follow the rules. Because if you do, the better penguins we will give out, and the more fun we will have. So join now!

Another thing is a video I made. I just started making videos. I made a quick video of Dirkd’s buddies on Club Penguin. Me and Dirkd will be starting a site(Click here to check it out), we started a forum, and now we will start a production. So stay tuned in for that! Here is the video, like I said, I just started making them. So it might be bad. But at least it gets to the point. I will be making more videos on other things, and I will add cool effects and ect. So here’s the video!

CProx post

29 01 2008

Heyah penguins! CProx here(click here for my site). I haven’t posted in a while, but now I’m back! I have a new site that I half own with my buddy Conmanrocks. It has a lot of hits, and it’s popular. I will be working very hard on that site to get us 100,000 hits so we can be on a lot more blogrolls. But I will still be working really hard on this site too! Click here for the new site I half own!

Please visit that site a lot like you also do mine.

In other news, I have an email domain. For example, and And now I have! My site has an email, it is so cool! Now I made a couple to help you guys out a little. Here is the list.

Email ideas@cproxcheats for – Ideas or tips that you have for my blog to make it the best!

Email for – Cheats you have for me to put up, or if you want cheats to use on Club Penguin. for – My help on anything you need. I will do my best to give you the best answer possible!

Hope to see some emails soon. Remember, this is like Emails, not sites and adresses. Email adresses where you can email me at. Waddle On

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Mission 6

23 01 2008

For the new mission 6 walkthroughs, click here

Sneak Peak of new mission 6

11 01 2008

crabtrans.gifClick for full size!!

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New Stage coming soon!

6 01 2008


This is the sneak peak of the new stage. i dont know exactly what it is but you might take a guess?

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